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Cominco Resources commissioned WSP to undertake an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to support the development of the Hinda Project. The ESIA will comply with World Bank, Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards as well as national standards.

Congolese standards are maintained by CM2E, in compliance with local legislation, co ordinated by WSP. CM2E provides qualified Congolese environmental technical staff, logistical support and communications between and national and local administrative stakeholders and Cominco as well as interpretation of international standards on behalf of Cominco.

As part of the ESIA, comprehensive and detailed baseline studies have been completed, including the following:

Biodiversity – plants birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, habitats, and ecosystem health were assessed initially with a reconnaissance field study and then field work during the wet and dry seasons, comprising a total of 375 consultant days in the field.

Ecosystems services and natural resource use, totaling 50 consultant days in the field.

Air quality  – monthly measuring of dust fallout, fine particulates, sulphur dioxide and ammonia at 8 locations across the Project area.

Socio-Economic and cultural heritage study equivalent to 210 consultant days.

Hydrology and hydrogeology  – regular dry and wet season sampling from 70 locations across the Project area. Analysis for physicochemical, microbiological, nutrient, anions and metals.

Noise assessment  within the Project area by internationally recognized experts.

Landscape study  and assessment

The baseline studies support the ESIA and comply with national and international requirements. Impact analysis and the development of an environmental and social management plan and reporting are being developed and will be submitted to the authorities for review.

A fully compliant ESIA to national and international standards is expected by September 2015.

Background to WSP

Worldwide, WSP (formerly GENIVAR) is one of the world’s leading professional services firms. It has approximately 15,000 employees, operating out of more than 300 offices, across 35 countries, on every continent. With 5,000 employees in Canada, WSP is well-positioned to support its clients no matter how they grow, what they choose to do, or where they move. WSP’s global expertise provides it with the resources to respond to all of its clients’ needs and expectations.


In the RoC, WSP has namely provided environmental and social consultant services for MagIndustries’ Kouilou Potash Project (over a six year period, from 2004 to 2009). Following the purchase of MagIndustries by Chinese interests, WSP received the mandate to conduct three new ESIAs for the mining project’s associated facilities, more specifically: a deep-water jetty, potash drying and compacting plant and the required linear infrastructures (roads, pipelines, water pumping station and power line).