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The Hinda project enjoys unique location advantages, being located just 40 kilometres from the Atlantic coast and the major port city of Pointe Noire, with tarmacked road and rail close by. Electricity is available from a newly-built 300 megawatt gas fired power station whose 220 kilovolt power line supplies a substation just 17 kilometres from the mine.

Pointe noire city Pointe noire port 2 port containers 1 Pointe noire port Construction of the N1 Pointe Noire Brazzaville n1 paved road Port Noire airport 2 Port Noire airport Railway Hinda train view central 3 centra 2 central 1 substation bondi substation bondi aerial bondi eni rig loeme bridge plant site view slurry aerial slurry pipe 2 slurry