Project map


Cominco has produced a few videos to show the development of the project through some of the main areas such as: exploration field work, pilot plant process testwork and community.

Overfly video of designed Phosphate mine

3D rendering using Lidar topography and high resolution imagery.

The below video was created for Cominco by MMD and produced by overlaying the aerial imagery onto the topography then inserting a 3D rendering of DFS mine design.

Cominco’s Director Roderick Smith Interviewed BBC Wold News

Roderick Smith, Director of Cominco Resources, on BBC World News, on the 9th of February 2015 talking about the Hinda Phosphate project.

Cominco Brings Precision Mining to the Republic of the Congo with Pitney Bowes

Cominco has been using Pitney Bowes software in the Hinda Phosphate project to manage, create and analyse digital and 3D data.


Hinda Phosphate Project Overview

An overview of Cominco Resources’ Hinda Phosphate Project.

Pilot Plant Process Testwork

Bulk samples have been collected from Hinda Phosphate Project, Republic of Congo, from late October 2013 to early February 2014.

45 tonnes of this ore were dispatched to a pilot process laboratory in Johannesburg to prove and improve upon the APFS beneficiation route.

Crushing testwork and particle size distribution analysis indicates a rolls crusher is the preferred equipment with the mined grade of P2O5 upgraded to average 17% at the first stage of screening.

A reverse floatation process then upgrades the ore to a concentrate grade of 32% P2O5.


Exploration field work from 2010 to 2014

Cominco Resources has been working on The Hinda phosphate exploration project since 2010. The Hinda phosphate deposit has been the subject of what is believed to be the largest phosphate drilling campaign in history, with over 900 holes being drilled by Cominco. It has been conducted multidisciplinary exploration fieldworks including:

  • More than 900 diamond core and air core drill holes
  • Hi resolution photography and LiDAR survey over 67km2 flown for digital terrain mapping and land use survey
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Hydrogeological and hydrological studies